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Hey guys, long time no see

I've been really busy lately with other stuff, that's why you haven't seen me posting in a while (on the M7 thread that is, will link there).

To answer a few questions you might have:
  • Yes, we will update the Toolbox for full Sense 6 support
  • It will be a different APK
  • Still, mods will be made available to all versions (where applicable)
  • I want to do a big cleanup of the code, remove all the Sense 5 legace stuff to have a clean base for 6.
  • HTC changed quite some stuff, so that's why it doesn't even start currenlty
  • So it might take a bit to release it
  • Some mods still work, some are unneeded, and some useless stuff might get removed (tbd)
  • I have ordered my M8 and will start the work after I got it (next week hopefully?)

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