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First thank you for reading this thread.
I successfully unlocked the bootloader but I'm have trouble with the permanent root of my phone.

I connect my phone via usb, I disable htc sync and set the phone to charge only
usb debugging is active

I run "rEZoundRoot-v1.5-TheDr1ver" option 1, the device reboots to flashboot
and it looks like the root works from the messages in the program works
the device reboots. I run the batch again and choose option 2, to permanently
install amon ra and I then create a full backup then I reboot.

but when I check for root its not rooted!!????
help please
easiest method especially if you s-on is fastboot flash amon ra and go to advanced options or developer options in it and flash its su and superuser and binaries thats built into the recovery...if you plan on staying on ics or lower roms amon ra and s-on is good for you...if you flash any rom higher i highly HIGHLY suggest gaining s-off and using a recovery like twrp or cwm as they have been updated here in the threads specifically for jellybean and kitkat where as amon ra hasnt....also updating to most recent stuff like radios and hboot and kitkat roms while s-on puts you in a much higher risk of a brick as you will not be able to downgrade to fix a soft brick just in case things get messed up on your end...its only possible to fix a soft brick while s-off
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