/* Changelog (Top is the newest bottom is the oldest) */

09-02-14 {
Here are Pa's changes in their own changlog thread/post just click me. As for our device changes I've merged in the latest fixes for msm8960 as well as fixed msm8960_jbbl. So whether your moto did or didn't get the 4.4.2 offical update it should be appearing there eventually if it's supported by cm.}

06-02-14 {
Haven't updated this changelog cause I'm lazy. Check pa's page for their changes as for our devices included in moto_msm8960 I've been pulling in upstream changes from dhacker + cm as of TODAY 06-02-14 the patches for 3.4 kernel has been pushed so you will need to update your bootloader to stock 4.4.2. Simply backup or setup flash the ota and then flash the newest paranoidandroid. }

03-27-14 {
Everything is working exepct nfc won't turn off from settings.
And included gestures on by default & extra keys from cm in aosp keyboard. [If you want it just check that you don't flash gapps that replace keyboard.]
Let me know if anything else does't work, post here NOT on paranoid's G+ page