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V4A Recovery Flashable .zip
I made a flashable .zip wich install V4A and the driver for our nexus.
Very usefull with the flashafterupdate folder for those who use Omni or those who want to install this great app directly after flashing his prefered rom
What is V4A ?
It's an app based on the DSP Manager but tweaked in order to render the best of your music.
For this you can modify a ton of Settings ! (think to use the expert mode : Menu > UI Setting Expert)
Here you will found all the settings explained.

Download :
V4A flashable zip
Features :
- Flashable zip
- SuperQuality driver
- Audio config with V4a support
- 24 bit 192Khz support (lg g2 files)

AROMA - V4A Installer
Features :
- Aroma
- Choose the driver you want
- Audio config v4a support
- Works on any phone.
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