Default [Q] Latest Bootloader Flashable link??

Hi all,

Having real troubles with my phone trying to take the CM update (status 7 error), I need a flashable bootloader and baseband, does anybody have a link to the latest version? I can only find 4.4.1

My PC is away so I have no access to fastboot at present.

I have been using CM Nightlies for some time, I have updated to the latest CWM touch and tried TWRP 2.7, both with the same results, my research leads me to suggest the fix id an updated bootloader, the only 1 I can find is the original, but this is not flashable (no idea how to get the file (or what file actually)

Phone is a Nexus 5 KOT49H

Hope you can help

Google Nexus (Cyanogen Mod10 Nightlies)
Archos 101 G9 (Rooted-Stock)