Default [Q] Where is the File Manager?

Am I missing something? or is there no preinstalled File Manager?

Preinstalled apps, and google apps are the only apps allowed to write/edit to the miceSD card, so why wouldn't HTC install one?
Already regretting getting this phone, since I download a Lot of work files via my phone, and now I'm unable to move them from the downloads folder to the proper folder on the microSD.
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I called Google Device Support the other day, and asked about the possibility of Modem/Radio within the Nexus 7 3G.. and The CSR answer was "No you can not plug a Phone Cord or Ethernet cable into the device, and if you want to listen to the radio you must download a 3rd Party App or Try our Google Music service, but it's not a radio" - Couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably for 10min straight. ~UberSlackr