Default My Epic Sense 6 Splash Screens

Hey guys, waiting for my phone to mail in...meanwhile I made some splash screens. Enjoy!

Version 1


Version 2


I used this splash screen maker to make the splash screens with the correct android-info.txt, so hopefully these should work. However, in case they don't, I take no responsibility if you guys brick your phones applying this through the bootloader.

Also, I figure I should mention, there is no gray border around the actual splash screens

instructions, as per @dgtiii
1. Place splash zip in your fastboot folder, rename
2. Reboot to bootloader, connect your phone to pc, should go to Fastboot USB mode
3. Fastboot oem rebootRUU
4. Fastboot flash zip
5. Fastboot reboot-bootloader
6. Unplug your phone, select reboot in bootloader, see your awesome new splash screen!
@ordg7341 for the android-info.txt
@IceDragon59 for the splash screen maker
@dgtiii for the installation guide