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My android device is samsung galaxy tab2 P3100 .i had flashed clockwork mod ver using odin using windows 7 .i had installed rom manager.then i went into recovery mode tried to backup my old rom but it dint backup.i had not rooted my tab.then i had downloaded cm 11 to my sd card. I had resetted my factory settings and wiped system cache and dalvik cache and tried to install cm 11,it said installation aborted and dint install and my old rom is not loading . i dont have the stock rom . and my tab is not detecting in odin also . what to do ?? . please help me out here guys .
CWM is not compatible to CM11

Copy PhilZ advenced CWM based on CWM to your sdcard anf flash it using the installed CWM Then restart recovery and install CM11 will work for you
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