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Welcome to Z-Kernel's thread!

Features - as of r1:
- CPU OC to 1.6 ghz by default (should be stable)
- GPU OC support up to 700MHz (default is 520 mhz)
- Overclocked LP core from 500 to 620 mhz
- Custom user voltage control for CPU and Core components such as EMC, GPU, and LP (faux123)
- Dynamic FSYNC
- Optimized KSM
- Optimized ZRAM
- Compiled using latest Linaro toolchain with optimized compiler flags
- Optimized SLUB and use SLUB by default instead of SLAB
- Glibc memcpy and memmove
- Deadline improvements for solid state drives
- Proportional Rate Reduction for TCP
- Tegra 3 variant display (faux123)
- Optimized swahb32 byteswap helper
- Asynchronous I/O latency improved through removal of plug in do_io_submit()
- allow use of an I/O controller's native max block size
- Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
- timer: optimize apply_slack()
- Optimized crypto algorithms
- Optimized AES and SHA1 routines
- LowMemoryKiller fixes and improvements
- Lock performance governor to all 4 cores
- Many scheduler improvements and optimizations
- updated bcmdhd driver (wifi)
- over 450 changes committed, so the above list isn't complete

Complete list of changes can be found in the commit log:

Bugs - as of r1:
- The CPU will work one step below the set max frequency (because tegra 3 "turbo mode", which is useless and have been disabled)
- If you change min/max CPU frequencies, they become bugged to 1150 mhz and you'll have to reboot to restore. Solution: don't change them. The current 102/1700 (actually 102/1600 because the above) mhz is optimal, and shouldn't cause noticeable heat and battery drain (and we have thermal protection even if that'd happen...). Besides that, the Tegra 3 is originally "Up to 1.7 GHz single core /1.6 GHz quad-core" according to NVIDIA specs.
- Trickster mod showing different MPU frequencies/voltages than the ones avaliable. Explanation here
- Got any other bug? Report! Dmesg/kmsg/last_dmesg/last_kmsg/logcat (whatever you have) are welcome.

Recommended settings
- I recommend using Trickster Mod for changing settings
- ZRAM: experiment with it. It's been been almost completely replaced with the one from the latest Linux kernel, so it's way faster than before
- Dynamic FSync: turn it off if you do anything that can cause instability (UV). While it speeds up the filesystem, it can cause data loss on random system crashes.
- You need to experiment with the rest of the settings, as I can rarely access the device to play with them

Thanks to
- Everyone who's name can be seen in the commit log, lol
- Special thanks to faux123 and Metallice from the N7 forums, many of their work has been used in this kernel
- Testers - I rarely have access to this device, I need you guys!

I'm not responsible if anything bad happens with your device!

This build has been tested on CM11 only, so if you run into something with other ROMs, report it and I will see what I need to change to cooperate with it.
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