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# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.1.5-20140609 # Basic
- Navigation bar dimensions
- Ability to disable hardware keys via nav bar settings
- Add android:key in hardware keys enable/disable option to forward enable this option
- Themes: Delete icon resources during uninstall
- Themes: remove unused code
- Themes: uninstallThemeForAllApps shouldn't check if map is empty if it's null
- base: remove extra checks
- Don't cleanup overlay mapping for non-theme apps
- appops: enforce appop for bluetooth disabled action
- About Resurrection: devcard layout - fix FC devcard on lanscape mode
- settings: FC on quick settings editor on tablets without a vibrator 
- Add a HAF access permission 
- Fix layout recreation check
- CameraTile: Launch default gallery app when long pressing active camera tile
- SystemUI: prevent NPE on clear recents double press
- MtpDatabase JNI: Fixed a memory-leak in getObjectPropertyValue().
- Correct stride for drawing to cached glyph bitmap 
- Use alpha channel instead of red in drawCachedGlyphBitmap
- Temporarily hide lock screen unlock targets if opening a widget 
- fw: media: Handle NPE due to threading race 
- FW: LS Notification: fix FC when an expanded notification gets reposted without bigContentView
- fix derp on INotificationListener
- WallpaperCropper: do not display null bitmaps 
- Make theme change broadcast a protected broadcast.
- Reduce memory leaks by removing all views.
- appops: do not prune apps that are not present
- apn: national roaming for ONO (Spain)
- fix more keyguard derp
- Mms: Clear notifications and mark messages read in certain situations 
- galaxys2-common: fix front cam video recording
- Recovery - Version
- included all cm-11.0 m7 updates
- Check out the source activities for more details
- This is the final release of Resurrection Remix android kitkat series.I ll catch you guys on next android version A.K.A 4.5 or 5.0 . See you soon .Thank you !