Cool [Q] i nedd help with what i can flash to i9305 knox bootloader

hi all

i have a i93-5 with knox its been tripped (0x1) not fussed as it nearly out of warenty

backed up EFS using EFS pro newest

ive rooted and a custom recovery (Philz)

i made a nadroid backup

im confused to what i can do now

my questions are

1.what roms can i flash?
2.what kernals can i flash?
3.what modems can i flash?
4.any thing else i can flash? i need to set the CSC?
6.i remember reading something about a custom kernal breaking wifi whats that about?
7.any info i might find useful

if these questions have been answered sorry for asking them again ive looked but im just most likely being blind

thanks for any and all help
Nlp, Pua, The Mystery Method and Ross Jeffries. Google them to find out if not then you can just wounder :P

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