Info 2 [Q] Can i run CM 10.1 On stock kernel

I have a locked Xperia P, i can't unlock the bootloader since the fastboot is disabled

i've tested many roms and it not satisfaying me since it based on sony's UI
and i exprience many problems with stock rom or Enigma and other Roms based on stock '' phone app lag/boot takes 2mins/battery drain/and multitasking is awful everytime i want to go from an app to an other i got it run like the first time -- like FB app-- ''

i wanted a CM UI and it's smoothnes

now i'm running on CM 9 -- you know that Camera Bug is bothering everyone --

The question is Can i run CM 10.1 or higher on a stock sony's kernel, and if i can't is there a patch or something i can do to make the camera work on CM9,since i satisfied with it

sorry for my English