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On the face of it this may not seem like much but WTH had it come from? It's causing grief. I can't make a back up. 16 gig phone You are taking about one backup of about 5gigs thx to the "data", plus it's still on the phone so that's over half my space taken! Now you see the issue. I've no laptop to store a backup on. This never used to be an issue. I've a superb cleaner for obsolete files that others leave. I tried saving the data and wiping it and starting the phone. Would not work so put it back.
Is this a crazy amount to have? It seems recent.
Running stock Kk with the superb Elementalx kernel.
If I had hair I'd pull it out! :P

From my mobile telephony device.
Sure mate, its the complete OS and your apps and its data. 4-5 gigs for a complete nandroid backup is pretty normal.
USE Search: /this thread /all threads/Google before posting your question, you`re most likely not the first one having this issue