Default [Q] Minix X5 Mini - Video Playback Trouble

I've just recently purchased my X5 mini and am learning a great deal but am generally well versed in tweaking android on phones and tablets.

So I am struggling with something. I updated my X5 mini to the latest firmware (004 w/ 1080 kernel) and played with the embedded version of XBMC that was there. I have a server on my network that stores my movie files, albeit in a couple different formats, and was hoping to use the X5 to play those. The X5 is connected via ethernet to my LAN and WiFi is disabled. I could play all of my small files in .mkv, m4v formats with no issues, these are files from a mix of sources, some blu ray and some dvd and anywhere from 800mb to 6gb.

The problem is that it won't play my mp4 files that are generally large 8gb - 14gb. I get audio and the list of video files stays on screen and it shows which one I am playing but no video.

So I uninstalled the version of XBMC that was imbedded in the new firmware and loaded Beyond XBMC from Flumpster and started over and the result is the same. I feel like there is a setting that I am missing somewhere to allow it to play larger files, or higher quality video. I've done some searching through here but perhaps I am not looking for the right thing or something.

Any thoughts or assistance is greatly appreciated!!

Sprint HTC One M8 32GB
ROM: ViperOne 2.3.0
S-OFF: Firewater

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