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Hey guys, any info on this would be great.

Have a ATT Note 3... It boots into recovery and Download mode..

Basically, I was going to install knoxraid, wiped /system /data, but didn't have the rom file to flash.

Then, rebooted phone, and it will go into stock recovery but not safestrap.

Please help... I know it can't be completely bricked.

I tried unbrick-soft-bricked-att-galaxy-note-3-sm-900a but it fails

(also, I am sure Samsung drivers are installed)
So you can't get the phone to boot normally? What happens when you try to let the phone boot up on it's on without trying to go into recovery or download mode?

Cell: HTC One M8 GPe // Recovery Switcher // Liquid 4.4.4 // Furnace Kernel OC @ 2.7Ghz

Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 // Safestrap // Grevious // Stock Kernel (of course)