Default [APP]Sony Walkman Music player

***Not my work, sharing for those who like this app***

Sony Walkman Music Player

As the title states, here is the link to the Sony Walkman music player. I found this over in the Grouper forum and saw that it can be used on all phones. It works great on the Evita.

Follow the directions in the OP. If you don't like the DPI for the App, you can download and install the App Settings module in the Xposed framework and change the DPI for the app. I chose a DPI of 240 and it looks ok to me or you can roll with it as is.


I got tired of using other music apps and found this.

HTC One (M8) S-off
Rom: SinLessROM GPe v3.5.4 / Kernel: Stock
Recovery: TWRP

HTC One XL Evita S-off
Rom: Vanir / Kernel: Torched
Recovery: TWRP

Nexus 7 (2012) Grouper
Rom: Paranoid Android 4.45 / Kernel: Stock
Recovery: TWRP