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I have been around Android since the OG droid and have rooted all of my phones, but S-Off is new to me. I understand that S-Off allows everything else (unlock/root). I also know that historically when you are rooted you don't want to take OTA updates.

My questions are:
  • Does S-Off prevent you from taking OTAs?
  • Can OTAs change S-Off status?
  • Are there any self-contained resources explaining S-Off that I could read to be less dumb about it?
I would never take an OTA but I don't think it can change your status back to S-On

Just Google "S-Off Explained" but here is in xda link on the subject---> http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...40&postcount=1

I also advise if you're new at this to read all you can before flashing anything. You can brick your device more easily with Security Off.
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