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I usually don't do much to my phones until they are quite old/out of support. The only thing I really need is WiFi tether and that has been solved even without S-Off.

Thank you for the link, after reading that, I guess I did understand what S-Off in and of itself was, but I guess I don't understand how it relates to a bootloader unlock.

My most recent experiences are with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7, neither of which had security and only needed a simple adb command to unlock the bootloader.

Does S-OFF in general, and also for the M8 specifically, require you to do anything further? Can I do S-Off when I get the M8 and then just leave it totally stock after that?

Does running the S-Off exploit wipe your handset like unlocking the bootloader on my Nexuses (Nexi?) does?
no will not wipe and yes you can do s-off and leave totally stock
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