Audio [APP][2.3.3+] ZXTune - Chiptunes player

Android version of crossplatform chiptunes player


- support AY-3-8910/YM2149F formats (ASC,FTC,GTR,PSC,PSG,PSM,PT1/PT2/PT3,SQT,STC/ST1/ST3,STP,VTX,YM, TurboSound tracks, AY with embedded player, TXT files for Vortex Tracker II)
- support digital formats for ZX Spectrum (CHI,DMM,DST,PDT,SQD,STR)
- support digital formats for PC (669,AMF,DMF,FAR,FNK,GDM,IMF,IT,LIQ,PSM,MDL,MTM,PT M,RTM,S3M,STIM,STM,STX,ULT,XM)
- support digital formats for Amiga (DBM,EMOD,MOD,MTN,IMS,MED,OKT,PT36,SFX)
- support digital formats for Atari (DTM,GTK,TCB)
- support digital formats for Acorn (DTT)
- support TurboFM formats (TFC,TFD,TFE)
- support Philips SAA1099 formats (COP)
- support Commodore MOS6581 formats (SID)
- support XSPF (import and export) and AYL (import only) playlist formats
- integration with ZX Spectrum music catalogue
- integration with ModLand online chiptunes catalogue
- integration with High Voltage SID Collection catalogue
- single version for phones and tablets
- supported Android starting from 2.3.3 (API v10)
- supported resolutions up to xxhdpi
- pausing while incoming/outgoing calls
- headset playback control (not for all devices)
- different interpolation modes with performance and quality optimizations
- send modules and share references to modules from
- lock screen playback control widget (Android 4.0 and newer)

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