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Please Help.

1) 'Please use a descriptive thread title'
2) Hopper8's 'Odin troubleshooting' thread stickied in General, find it, try as many of the things in that thread as many times as you need to in order to get a successful flash. If you try the stuff in the thread two or three times then come back to this thread & say 'I tried blah blah a few times & still the same', guess what ? Your phone will stay busted. Why ? Because perseverance always fixes these issues unless the phone isn't recoverable. You need to try everything in that thread over and over and over if necessary. There's nothing that isn't in that thread which can be suggested in these situations. Why ? That thread is the 'Bible'.

So...Go...You now have the tools to fix your phone.
If it's important enough to cause you grief if it's lost, back it up. No excuses
Trolling for thanks is lame
Does Samsung's auto-brightness implementation crap drive you to self-harm ? A solution !
Failure to search is the leading cause of male impotence on XDA
If you don't know how to recover if things go wrong, what are you doing flashing custom roms ?