If Samfirmware, AndroidFirmwares.net or Samsung-Updates.com don't have what you want, you're SOOL.

You won't find it anywhere else, the chances of someone reading this who coincidentally has a copy handy these days is zero given how few people read/post here - there's a fair chance you'll be sitting there in a month & probably won't even get another reply to this thread (and the reason for that is as above; those 3 places are the only places you're going to source a 3 yr old firmware for a 3yr old phone).

Besides, why do you think need that particular firmware ? I'm not seeing why you can't use any other firmware for your country/carrier. If I were in your situation, I'd be investigating that one, otherwise you probably won't be fixing it.
If it's important enough to cause you grief if it's lost, back it up. No excuses
Trolling for thanks is lame
Does Samsung's auto-brightness implementation crap drive you to self-harm ? A solution !
Failure to search is the leading cause of male impotence on XDA
If you don't know how to recover if things go wrong, what are you doing flashing custom roms ?