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The My Verizon Mobile app was updated in the last day or two. I only noticed because it now needs camera control permissions, which seems really bizarre and a bit spooky to me. But whatever, I can use xprivacy to stop that.

But after making a phone call, the app is also requesting root privileges from SuperSU! That seems terribly sketchy. I've frozen the app with Titanium Backup for now.

I'm not normally a paranoid guy, but this makes me awfully suspicious. Any ideas what's going on here?

There are numerous reviews on the Play store noting these things, and no explanation from Verizon. I have to wonder if they or Google were compromised by heartbleed, and if this could be something malicious.
I got the same thing. Ir requested root and I said WHOAAAAA. NO WAY

It raised a red flag with me. Even if it's not suspicious.....verizon does not need root access on my device with that app
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