Default Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What rilphone do you use in your ROMs?

A: I use the rilphone.dll from the 5.11.502.2 AT&T ROM (Radio That is also the radio I recommend to use with this ROM for best results.

Q: How do I stop tab vibration in Manila?

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you can disable it with this registry key:
"ApVibrationOn"=dword:0 ;1=on, 0=off

Q: I'm using your Sense 2.1 ROM. Why doesn't my Album have uploading options?

A: The Social Networking Album is only included with the Sense 2.5 ROM. That version of Album causes conflicts with the Facebook options in the Sense 2.1 version of Manila.

Q: Does Sense 2.1/2.5 have landscape support?

A: Sense 2.1 has landscape in all tabs. Sense 2.5 has landscape views in 3 tabs: Messages, Photo, & Music. These actually do not work when the keyboard is opened, as they do in Sense 2.1.

Q: Is there a Programs tab in these versions of Manila/Sense?

A: The Sense 2.5 does not have a Programs tab; instead, there are quicklinks underneath the Clock on the Home tab. Sense 2.1 does have a Programs tab, but it is hidden by default. To enable it, follow these instructions:
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"Manila://"=dword:0 ;1=hidden, 0=shown
Alternatively, you can install this: Show Programs which will do the exact same thing.

Q: What are the differences between Sense 2.1 & Sense 2.5?

A: See below post
Device 1: HTC One (M8)/831C | Hardware Version: 0005

Baseband: | PRI: 2.62_003 | PRL: 53135
Recovery: TWRP

Device 2: HTC Jewel/PJ75100 (EVO 4G LTE) | Hardware Version: 0003

Baseband: | PRI: 3.02_003 | PRL: 56018
Recovery: TWRP

Device 3: HTC Shooter/PG86100 (EVO 3D) | Hardware Version: 0002
Baseband: | PRI: 1.55_003 | PRL: 22100
Recovery: TWRP

Device 4: HTC Supersonic/PC36100 (EVO 4G) | Hardware Version: 0004
Baseband: | PRI: 2.33_003 | PRL: 40460
Recovery: TWRP