UI, Themes, Manila Modifications, Wallpapers & Others

1. Weather City Database Editor ---- For editing/adding custom city in manila weather database.

2. Change Start Menu Icons (CSMI) ---- This program can be used for changing the icons for programs with your preferred/custom icons.

3. JWMD Icon Changer V1.9 beta ---- Icon Changing software.

4. Personalizer ---- To change operator name

5. SPB Mobile Shell (Paid) ---- Advanced alternative UI especially for business users with many productive features. ----------- Related Mods & Discussion Threads

6. Manila Birthday ---- Manila Birthday generate a list of all contacts with an existing birthday ---- Official Dev Thread

7. HDWall -with top and bottom bars transparent

8. My 137 Leo HQ Wallpapers and Wallpaper Repositary

Manila Mods - Dedicated Threads

1. [REF] [Sense 2.5 tweaks & mods] [CABS]

2. [THEME]°°DJC Taskbar Leo 6.5°° V4(A&B with new start icons)

3. [ICONS]DINIK´s HD2 IconSet 128x128

4. [ICONS] drik`s IconPack

5. [ICONS] Round Icons - Sample as feeler (55 out of 65 icons completed)

6. [THEME]**Sense + Windows Mods***

7. Sense 2.5, Transparent Slider & Clock

8. Co0kie's Home Tab - Extended QuickLinks, Appointments and More

9. CHTEditor - Co0kie's Home Tab Editor

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