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im sure someone is working on a flashable just be patient
I've manually patched the OTAs before but I found it easier to let the htc recovery to just update me. (Assuming you haven't changed a lot of stuff on the /system partition, root and xposed were the only two i changed on it)

This is assuming you have a custom recovery and are s-off (here is the gist of what i did, sorry its not very detailed)
Download the OTAPkg.zip
adb shell
cp /cache/fumo/OTAPkg.zip /sdcard/
adb pull /sdcard/OTAPkg.zip
extract firmware.zip from OTAPkg.zip
extract recovery.img from firmware.zip
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery.img
fastboot reboot
have the system do its OTA via settings menu

after its done all i had to do was re-flash TWRP, re-root, and install my xposed library again .. TADA!