Hello everyone!
As you can see from the title of the thread, this is for everybody to post and share cool apks, apps, games, launchers, widgets, or mods. Anything you think is cool or offers beneficial features/hard to find/does not exist in the playstore/ "not compatible with your device" like the playstore says on some apps and you were able to make it work, is welcome..

-Let's keep in mind to be careful on which apps we post, please! Remember the rules of xda...sharing of paid apps is prohibited...please DO NOT upload or share paid/hacked/modified apps so we don't get shut down or even kicked out of XDA. Let's keep it clean

-If you're posting something you think needs a creator's/dev's permission, please get their permission and also give them credit for it.

Thank you everyone and let's have fun.

Here Is what I got so far:

1: optical reader https://www.dropbox.com/s/cr7ata6a2v...icalReader.zip

Thanks to @megalomanic14 for the next three

2: Anote HD pulled from note 8: install as usual


3: Ocean Weather Live Wallpaper apk: install as usual


4: Windmill Weather Live Wallpaper: install as usual


5: S5 weather widget:

all you need to do is download the zip file. Extract it. Using a root browser go to system/app and either remove or change the names of the similar files (change the names if you want to keep both widgets and would like to switch every now and then between the two. To do that, just add ".bak" after "apk". Now it's a useless file that android can't recognize). Move the two files you've downloaded to system/app then change permissions to rw-r-r. Reboot. Don't use the widget yet. It'll force close on you. Head to settings/application manager/all and find "weather". Clear cache and data. Now go ahead and place your widget on your home screen and enjoy.


6: Refined/tweaked by Mega,
Note 1 AccuWeather Widget and Daemon.
Simply just move the two apks to system/app. Change permissions and reboot.
You don't need to remove any current widget you're using, this will work normal and you'll have two weather widgets.
All thanks to @megalomanic14



7: BDubya icon pack (gray scale icons). Credit and thanks go to @NunHugger. Thank you, sir, for allowing me to share your amazing work.


Screenshot of BDubya:

8: tubemate app website (download all YouTube videos) http://tubemate.net/ thanks to @rutwikkiller for the link

9: S5 camera. Ported by @carl1961. Thank you so much, sir.
S5 camera http://www.mediafire.com/?w3353aan6m5dx65
Preview doesn't work for now. He's working on it. I'll update op once he's gotten it down.

Stock camera: http://www.mediafire.com/?3tx38p4ryyvvzpx

10. Add autocorrect back to your Samsung keyboard. Thanks to @megalomanic14 for the solution and @carl1961 for making a flushable zip of it.

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gyvmx2g2e0..._Installer.zip

11. 5x5 stock launcher with my magazine swipe up removed by @carl1961

ATT_Stock_NC2_KitKat_No_Magazine_SecLauncher.apk_D eodexed.zip

Back to Stock in-case of a change of heart
ATT_Stock_NC2_KitKat_Stock_SecLauncher.apk_Deodexe d.zip (2.88 MB)

12: @carl1961 has found a really nice app for us . [emoji16]

Simple Torch Flashlight no ads
This app [emoji115]is not going to ask you a million permission. It won't ask to see your emails and phone numbers and it won't need to look at your text messages. Just a torch as it is. Go ahead and give it a try. Thank the gentleman @hanswürstchen and donate if you can.

Thank you, sir.

If you have some, just post them and I'll add them to OP.