You need to either:-

*Find KeithRoss39's guide to this in General (not stickied; search for 'replace USB charger board', or there's a link in Hopper8's Odin troubleshooting guide which is stickied in general).

*If you're still unsure or if it doesn't have the information you need (and it is very thorough), wait & hope Keith sees your thread & responds. He is the expert on this sort of thing here, and I very much doubt anyone else who posts here regularly will be able to give you useful information.
If it's important enough to cause you grief if it's lost, back it up. No excuses
Trolling for thanks is lame
Does Samsung's auto-brightness implementation crap drive you to self-harm ? A solution !
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If you don't know how to recover if things go wrong, what are you doing flashing custom roms ?