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Hi guys,

I need help. My kid's Asus TF300T suddenly got stuck at the loading process. I turn it on, and it keeps loading and then reboot itself and kept loading again. This keeps going forever.

The bootloader is unlocked and I had a custom ROM on it, though I don't remember what it is.

I am still able to enter recovery (TWRP while pressing the vol - and Power buttons.

But what else can I do? How do I get the tablet to work again?

Thanks so much.
I'm assuming that "loading" means that the boot animation is still working, but not going into Android at the end of it.

You can first try clearing the cache in TWRP: Go to the WIPE category and only select Dalvik Cache and Cache and wipe those. Reboot and see if anything changed.

If that doesn't work, then you can try factory resetting, but this will erase all data not backed up on the tablet. Do NOT wipe data from the fastboot menu. Only factory reset from within TWRP.
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