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Hi there.

I'm new here so I'm not too sure if this is the right spot to put this but do mind my noobness.
I have a Samsung Ace GT-S5830, obviously, that is in need of the official Gingerbread 2.3.6 Australian firmware. I can no longer download the firmware due to hotfile.com being shutdown. I would install one of the mods from here but I do like the standard UI to each version of the Android firmware. I have tried looking on Google by searching S5830XWKT7_S5830OPPKS6_OPP.zip but no luck as they all lead to the old dead hotfile.com link. But if anyone has a .ZIP copy of it that they could link me then that would be great or PM me a link or PM me to send it in an e-mail, whatever it takes. I need this firmware ASAP as I have a friend that want to buy the phone off me soon and I want to make sure it works perfectly as it's not doing to well.

So, please. Anyone.

Well you are in luck buddy! Here is the link on how to install stock rom using odin along with all firmwares (including Australian). Go to "Preparation" section to download all the files needed for flashing and "Some Firmware" section to download the necessary firmware. You can use the mirror link next to the Australian firmware to download fast. Follow this link,

Flash stock rom on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 using odin

Once installed, go to recoverymod (hold Power + Home button) and do a wipe data/ factory reset & wipe cache (otherwise bootloop might occur). Then restart. Now you have successfully flashed the stock rom. Here is the link for rooting and installing CWM 5 on Samsung Galaxy Ace,

How To Root and Unroot Samsung Galaxy Ace?

CWM fix for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Hope I Helped