Default [Q] Fastest way to flash back to stock 4.1.2

What way is the fastest and most secure to flash back to the stock samsung 4.1.2 image? Is there anyway I can use fastboot to format my entire phone and then push the stock image to it? I think there is an easy way to skip the flashcounter and ODIN. I am on CM10.2.1 (stable) and after countless ROM flashes and going back between 4.3 and 4.4 I have so many folders and directories and partitions it is crazy. How can I wipe the entire phone so nothing at all is on it and go back to TW 4.1.2.
Phone: SCH-I535 (Verizon SGS3)

ROM: Gummy-M3.0-07-21-14 D2LTE (nightlies)

Kernel: 3.4.94-gummy-g833314 build (7/21 build date)