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Version 2.2.2

- Compiled with Linaro 4.7.4
- XZ compression for small Kernel file and better performance
- Increase Max READAHEAD for better performance.
- staging: Add Snappy compression library (v3).
- Network speed increased.
- Sched Tweaks to improve performance.

Version 2.2.1

- Fixed Bluetooth

Version 2.2

- Substantial performance and battery optimizations.
- Now compiled with GCC 4.6 instead of Linaro.


YOU for testing and using this kernel.

@k2wl For helping me and guiding me.
@pawitp For his kernel source.
@xenon92 For responding to a query and also used much of his Nebula Kernel code.
@TripRex For much assistance and used some of his Project Kernel code too.
@sweetnsour My primary inspiration for building a kernel
@androidbaba For extensively testing the early builds of Aki.Kernel.
@Ryuinferno for Frandom module.
@Christopher83 For his Kernel commits.
@CoolDevelopment For his ver. of AnyKernelUpdater and also used some of his commits from MoshKernel.
@coldsorrow For Ultra KSM.
@h0rn3t For his Ultra-awesome Performance Control app.
@boype For his commits from Fancy Kernel.
@faux123 For Dynamic FSync.
Galaxy Grand Testers Group
Galaxy Grand Developers Group
AOGP Kernel Coder