This is an official nightly beta build for the HTC One M8.

You tell us.
HTC One M8 specific bugs:
None so far
Install Instructions:

1. Download ROM
2. Reboot into recovery
3. Please backup your ROM before you begin!
4. You need a full wipe* if coming from another ROM.
5. Flash the ROM
6. Flash 4.4 Gapps
7. Reboot
8. Let it sit a while.

*NOTE: You are more than welcome to dirty-flash (i.e. only wipe cache/dalvik cache) between each of our nightly builds. However, there are times when we push certain changes/updates that WILL cause errors (force closes, etc.) if you choose to dirty-wipe. In such cases, please DO NOT report bugs in this thread until/unless you have done a full wipe (/data and /system) and tried again. If there is any indication of a dirty-flash in your bug report, it will probably be ignored. See my signature for additional information.
Credit for making this happen:

The rest of the Cyanogenmod Team
All of our Testers!
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Please don't encourage dirty flashing. Dirty flashing is like unprotected sex. Yes it may feel better and take less work, but who knows what may happens later. Even though sometimes you still get surprises when you do things right. At least you know you took precautions and where to look for problems.