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Have a t-mobile note 3. Just rooted with root de la vega with the source firmware from sammobile. AFter rooting, I noticed the back and menu button doens't light up and not respond to touch anymore. I read several threads and found the the generic.kl might be messed up, it did indeed show back and the menu key with nothing instead of "wake_dropped". I've tried reinstalling stock again with odin...no change...re-rooted again, then even modify the generic.kl file in /system...still it's not lightly up to let me use it.

Anyone has any ideas? Really need help with this. Would it be due to the file from Sammobile? Is there another source for the stockfirmware?
The only other possible solution is try to upgrade to 4.4.2 and hope that will be fix?

Please give me some help with this.
Have you tried a data factory reset after flashing the stock rom? Backup files first Here are all availablle firmwares http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/1...e=TMB#firmware on Sammobile.
USE Search: /this thread /all threads/Google before posting your question, you`re most likely not the first one having this issue