Battery Low [Q] Battery issues for several months. Have found no fix. Can anyone help me?

Hello, I have an S-OFF HTC One that is running the stock unrooted RUU for my carrier (went from stock unrooted -> rooted -> s-off -> GPE -> stock sense ruu) For about 7 months, I have had constant battery drain from "Android services." Android services always takes up about 80-90 percent of the battery usage of my phone. I will admit that I am a power user, but I do not think that I am getting proper battery life. I have checked wakelocks in the past, to no avail. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I also have the dreaded "purple camera" glitch that occurs whenever the phone is taking a picture in the dark. Do I get this phone S-ON and ship it to HTC?

~_~ I would love to have an answer.
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