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I've had this issue on Mahdi ROM which is what I'm on right now, but also every other ROM and every kernel that I've tried except for ElementalX. Basically, the kernel will change it's max frequency to 1.19 GHz usually, and soemtimes 1.6 GHz or 1.9GHz and you can't change it back until you flash a different kernel. Rebooting doesn't help, and changing it kernel tuner only helps temporarily. Every other kernel app only changes CPU0 for some reason not sure if that's just be or what. It's a very strange problem, and I have not gotten any help or suggestions so far, so if anyone knows how to help, that would be great. Again, this has happened on every single ROM I've tried, with every kernel, except ElementalX (and I think Trinity but I didn't use it long enough to be sure).

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go to /etc/init.d/, then delete all the files inside of it, then reboot for it to take affect.
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