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Well I decided to opt for the Zagg Invisible Shield screen protector having read good things. It's been on my SGN3 for nearly 12 weeks now and I thought I would post an update on its performance to date.

I was a tad sceptical about going for this as it isn't tempered glass but is instead a highly advanced polymer. My experience of plastic protectors to date has been dismissive. They scratch, are difficult to apply and end up having to be changed within weeks.

The Zagg makes a big thing about its military spec roots and that it is used to protect helicopter rotors and is self healing using nano technology.

I dismissed this but what prompted me to post this update was what happened over the last 24 hours.
I'm an engineer and when on site am in an extreme environment. Yesterday the phone with its zerolemon set up got dropped and landed on its screen. The Zagg protector had a nasty impact crater and was almost pierced and scratched. I made a note to order a glass protector but when I picked up the phone 24 hours later the Zagg has self healed and is in perfect condition.

Pretty impressive. I've just ordered zagg for Mrs Scooters iphone and Juniors Nexus 7 and my galaxy gear.

It's not cheap but comparing this to a typical plastic protector is like comparing a smart phone to a calculator.

I'm very happy with it and now understand how they can offer the warranty.


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