Default Need something like Headset Button Controller

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Hello Guys,

I recently bought myself a set of new headphones with a 3-button remote control.
I knew, that the volume up/down buttons don't work within android but I would like to get the double-/triple-click function working within the HTC music app.

Double-/Triple-click works fine when I use Poweramp. But it does not work within the HTC Music App. Here I can only Pause/Unpause the music with a single click.

Is there any fix/app/workaround which lets me use the Double-/Triple Click funktion in HTC music?
The double /triple click in Poweramp is just part of that app. To get something similar you need to use an app like "Headset Button Controller" in the market.

You also might have to disable the Poweramp ones as they might conflict.