Default [Attention ; PSA] SMS / Call issues on T-Mobile and MVNOs of T-Mobile.

The past couple of days I have been noticing my texts have been taking longer to send. And I mean much longer. They occasionally stall in a queue. Because this was super annoying and I spent so much time troubleshooting it I thought I'd open this up and let everyone know its not a bug related to 4.4.2 or anything.

I did some digging around with some other customers who have the same problem on T-Mobile and the reports have been plenty. T-Mobile seems to be upgrading service nationally and whatever their doing is causing occasional blackouts.

If its old news I apologize but I didn't see this anywhere. This thread will be closed when the problem has been fixed.

Edit : Things have been reported as fixed and things are running much better on my end. Have yet to see a problem so I'm closing this thread. It may take hours or a day for the changes to roll out to everyone so be patient or call T-Mobile if it hasn't been fixed by tomorrow, 5-10-2014.

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