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Like i said im new to owning an android (had an iphone before), Didn't check before updating it right out of the box. And to be honest i have no idea what KIES... Im a noob, sorry.

KIES = Samsung's Windows application that communicates with you phone to sync files or update the phone.

THIS is the 4.4.2 firmware for Sprint Galaxy S4.
HTC One S @ PAC-man 4.4.2 [ALPHA1] [12/5/2014] + IceCode Kernel v4.0 // HBoot 2.15 - unlocked BL - S-OFF - NO "tampered & warning text" // TWRP mod

Samsung Galaxy W @ ParanoidAndroid 4.3 [BETA3] [6/5/2014] + KhaN Kernel v2.0 // Base: I8150XXLMI // PhilZ CWM 6.01.4

"REVIVED" HTC Wildfire S @ CyanogenMod 11(AWESOME!!!) [6/5/2014] //HBoot 1.09 - unlocked BL // TWRP

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