Default [Q] Is your Nexus 5 still fresh?

By fresh, I mean would you still buy it today or would you look for something more current?

My Verizon contract is up in about a month and I'm hankering to replace my Droid RAZR MAXX ASP. It no longer feels fresh. It's running an older Jelly Bean (4.1.2) and is quite the dog. Web pages load so slowly that the screen frequently turns off before the page displays. Moto/Verizon have decided not to upgrade it further though I suspect it might benefit from performance improvements in more recent versions. :-/

My usage is low, consisting of a less than 200MB data, about 100 minutes of voice and a handful of texts typical per month. (Data will go up the month we're on vacation when I'm away from normal WiFi hot spots.) Verizon has nothing for me (New contract would involve more money for less service. However the service levels are moot if I'm not even coming close to my limits.)

For reasons of performance and availability of upgrades I want to go with a Google Experience phone. Because of my usage patterns, I'm leaning toward a month by month provider such as Ting. (They resell Sprint voice/data and voice roams to Verizon at no additional charge.) The choice today is the Nexus 5. It' been out since November of last year and the next (and perhaps last) Nexus seems likely to be released November of this year. The Nexus 5 seems like it has decent specs with 2GB RAM and a quad core processor. (But I thought the same of the Droid RAZR with 1GB RAM and dual core processor.) I'm curious what folks who own and use the Nexus 5 think about its future longevity.

Another option I have is to buy a used phone to bridge the time between Verizon cutoff and availability of the Nexus 6. I could also sell the Nexus 5 when the Nexus 6 becomes available, I suppose.