This is Xposed version 2.6 (final). The main changes in this version are:
  • UI refresh using the Cards UI pattern, mainly contributed by @GermainZ
  • New logo, created by @DD-Ripper (and no, there won't be an option to change it)
  • Detection of several known issues, a warning with link to the FAQ item will be shown
  • Release type selection in the downloader (only stable version are shown by default)
  • Many internal improvements in the framework, e.g. better resources compatibility and performance

Developers, please check this and following posts for information about API changes.

In case you're looking for the Xposed-* files, they are stored in a subdirectory (Android/data/ of the SD card now. This is the official Android API and will hopefully fix installation on some ROMs.

Also a big "thank you" to the translators, many translations have already been updated. You can see the status on the brand new translation overview page, with completion status and templates containing the strings yet to be translated:

The full change log is on GitHub:

As always, you can download it via the in-app updater or from
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