Default [WIP][Need Devs] Sense 5.0 Port to Dinc2 Android 4.1.2 [Not booting]

Hey guys, @brymaster5000 and I have been trying to get Sense 5.0 to boot on our good ol' Droid Incredible 2. So far, he has taken @szezso's kernel source for the Incredible S, and edited to work for our device. However, whenever we tried to get it to boot, the phone never went past the HTC splash screen. That's why we need help, if anyone has experience porting Sense, we need your help. Right now there is NO ETA. We're thinking that the problem is the ramdisk right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Here's brymaster's kernel

Right now we don't have a rom because nothing has worked so far.

Working so far
-Nothing, except maybe the ion kernel

Needs work
-Everything, we need it to boot

Possible helpers:
@gilbert32, @doga.ozkaraca, @doga.ozkaraca, @coloured_chalk, @TheRinseM, @szezso @SebastianFM, @Shaky156, @aazzam16661, @nitsuj17, @chillybean