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You're on it Beans! Do you plan on rebasing Alliance on the new OTA?
ya definetly
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I hope this isn't a dumb question, but. ... can we assume that the update is "safe" to take OTA? What I mean is, are we pretty sure tmobile is not going to lock the bootloader in an update?

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no if history repeats itself no ota will lock the bootloader only when a phone is initially releases the bootloader would be locked, aka all att phones before s4 are unlocked and still havent been locked by an ota. just new phones have been locked
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Could someone make the modem available? Thx

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ya will post shortly
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Is that all this update is, an SMS/MMS fix? Whats the size of the update if anyone knows.
this has all the other goodies that the international update had, finger scanner fix, camera fix, misc fixes. its also based off of 4.4.2 r2 not r1

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