Zip Flashable Kernels are what they say they Contain ONLY The Kernel

Odin/Zip Flashable Modems are what they say they Contain ONLY The Modem

Odin Flash-able Firmware Only Tars Contain All Firmware (bootloaders, modems, etc) they do not contain System.img, Cache.img, Boot.img, Recovery.img

Odin Flash-able Full Stock Tars Are Complete Stock Tars To Revert Your Device To Full Stock Includes everything in firmware only tar as well as System.img, Cache.img, Boot.img, Recovery.img

Disclaimer: If For Some Reason Your BaseBand Doesn't Change When Flashing Firmware or Modems Turn Your Device Off Remove Battery Then Turn On Device with Specific Button Sequence For Recovery: Pwr+Volup+Home For Download Mode: Pwr+VolDwn+Home

Warning: Always Stick To the Firmware Your Base Rom is Made From Ex. Dont Flash NCH Firmware when Running NE5 Roms, Modems are an Exception Pick Whichever One Gives You the best service.

Current Device's: Verizon Galaxy S5, Note 3 - T-Mobile Galaxy S5 - OnePlus One
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