6/2 - LOADS more performance/memory tweaks, NEON support, fsync control, switched to Linaro-4.9.1 arm-cortex a15 toolchain

6/1(NEW) - more performance tweaks, Wi-Fi is broke
6/1 - Reverted back to GCC 4.8 toolchain, same performance tweaks (minus two that broke wifi), Wi-Fi works

5/30 - switched to Linaro-4.9.1 arm-cortex a15 toolchain, added some performance tweaks - bootloops

5/26 - Added frandom, fixed OC maxing out at 1.7, some performance tweaks, switched to GCC 4.8 toolchain from 4.7

5/25 - Attemtp to fix WiFi for all carriers...

5/24 - Initial Release