Info 2 Important Information

This is NOT the place to ask questions like:
  • When will <feature> be included?
  • Is <feature> included yet?
  • Can you bring <feature> to Omni?
  • ETAs of any nature

Follow the rules. This is a new thread and it WILL remain clean and ON TOPIC. I will immediately report any off-topic posts, trolling, flaming, etc. of any sort. This is a DEVELOPMENT thread, and as such, has been posted in the DEVELOPMENT section.

INCLUDE LOGS when reported a bug. Even if you think that you might be the only one with the bug, POST LOGS, that will help narrow down the issue about 100 million times! :)

Explore the ROM a bit before posting here things like " WHERE IS <feature> CAN YOU ADD FEATURE etc. etc.
You have to understand, that gets extremely annoying after 50 posts like that. Most features can be seen on the blog or in the MERGED section of gerrit.

Root IS NOT included with Omni by default, so you will need to flash SuperSU in recovery SuperSU

How to build Omni from sources:
OmniROM - Setting Up A Compile Environment

Bug Reports and Feature Requests