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this may seem like a uesless question but it's bugged me ever since I got my LGOG.

Does the stock LG UI (4.1.2) really eat up 5-7GB of space!?

The OG comes with 32GB of storage (although I know that it's not exactly 32GB since there's a lot of conversion stuff going on) and there's only 25GB of available storage space? I know a friend who has a 16GB Nexus 4 running stock 4.4.2 KitKat and the stock KitKat only eats up around 3-4GB of storage. Is LG's UI really that much of a storage hog?

Another thing, does the 4.4.2 update consume the same amount of space? or does it consume more? And what ROM eats the LEAST amount of storage?

Sidenote: I hope somebody can make a bare-bones 4.4.2 ROM that will eat up the least amount of space
After flashing the kitkat I still got the 25 GB storage. My thoughts 25 GB storage is on the Data partition (user available for documents and files etc) rest of the space is in the system partition and in combine it called 32 GB. That is not the expert opinion just my thought I could be wrong

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