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No, I actually only use DSI-XDA kitchen myself.

I did what I always do, grab the stock image from Google, break it down, add my own root and busybox (not the ones in the kitchen, they are older).

Then I use my updater-script that I hand built from prior releases along with matching binaries.

Pretty much that is it. I am going to look at yours in a minute and I will PM you what I find.

EDIT: Sorry, I didint mean to cut you off on your thread either.
Don't worry man haha, yours works better let's be honest so we might as well get people using it.

Interesting I did pretty much the exact same, added the updated superuser since there is a really old one in the kitchen like you said. I think my updater script was okay. I guess I had some weird binaries or something, I just grabbed them from a 4.4.2 rom, not entirely sure what there purpose is. Or how to view/edit them.

I'll probably have another blast at it tomorrow just for the fun of it, I want to try get it working so I know for the future

EDIT: though I had issue with root not working out the box, maybe I missed replacing something. What files did you replace?

If you want to look at mine it's here: http://d-h.st/rMs

Sorry for being curious

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