So, first thing is getting Odin to see your device. I found this, for getting into download mode..

1) device off, unplug USB, pull out/reseat battery to try to clear possible bugginess in firmware.
2) home + volume down + power (press in order and hold). Takes about 3 seconds. Displays the following.

Unless you can get your PC to see the device, there's nothing you can do. Try installing the drivers again on the PC.

This is the thread you said you used...


You need to be absolutely sure you are downloading the proper firmware for your device. Very sure.

All you can do is try it again...as outlined in the above thread.

If all that fails, ask your question here.... http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-player/help

That will get people who know your device best involved and get your post count up so you can post links and post in the development threads.

Good luck! 👍

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