Default [ROM] 4.4.4 GPE - I9505GUEUCNF3_100%_Stock_Rooted_ROM for the M919

I created this for myself using @SamuriHL latest system dump for the I9505G. The ROM is 100% stock including the kernel and everything seems to work flawlessly. I'm sure others will eventually optimize this latest GPE build but those that have used my 100% Stock ROM's for the I337 know that I am a purist and thought that I would share for any other purists out there:

New 4.4.4 Version(6/25/2014): I9505GUEUCNF3_100%_Stock_Rooted_ROM

Previous 4.4.3 Version: I9505GUEUCNE3_100%_Stock_Rooted_ROM

1. Wipe everything in TWRP except micro sdcard.
2. Flash the ROM
3. Reboot
4. Enjoy!